Our services


Design, Implementation

Our team of engineers, technicians and other experts ensure that each job is customized to the client’s need. From design and implementation to documentation, we can help you chart the right path.

Structured Cabling

Fiber Solutions custom designs, installs and tests each network to meet stringent EIA/TIA standards and NEC codes.


Fiber Optic

Whether the fiber is in a building, underground or overhead, Fiber Solutions has the personnel, tools and experience to get the job done right.

Access Control, security, cameras

Electronic Security

We offer a variety of state-of-the-art access control systems. Restrict and control access to buildings, parking lots, departments and data.

IP surveillance, security, cameras, access control

IP Surveillance

Keep people, property and information safe with digitized, reliable surveillance that is easy to use and provides quality images.


Commercial Audio/Video

Every business needs the right tools to succeed. We can provide the equipment necessary to work more efficiently.

Data Centers

Clean, organized and well-documented installations of stable, reliable and robust networks are trademark qualities we bring to every job.

Structured cabling, fiber optic, IP surveillance, cameras, networking, Internet

More services

We provide more services that may meet your company’s needs. Give us a call for a consultation 1-877-FIBER99.